Cowboy Skill Games $10,000 Check to Wyo first lady

Cowboy Skill Games Presents $10,000 to Wyo First Lady

Press release

April 23, 2020


In a virtual check presentation ceremony on Thursday, First Lady Jennie Gordon received a $10,000 check to her Wyoming Hunger Initiative on behalf of Wyoming vending machine companies who make up Cowboy Skill Games.


The funds will be directed specifically to feed families during this time of crisis. A second round of funding from the Wyoming Hunger Initiative is planned to be distributed in May to ensure resources continue to be available to those in need.

“We are very appreciative of this donation from the families who make up Cowboy Skill Games,” First Lady Jennie Gordon said during the videoconference. “This is just another great example of Wyoming citizens stepping up and helping those in need.”

“The Wyoming Hunger Initiative is committed to supporting the inspiring anti-hunger warriors who fight every day to find the best answer for their community,” she said.

Leslie George, representing Wyoming Amusement in Sheridan, presented the check to the First Lady via a videoconferencing app.

“The operators who make up Cowboy Skill Games have lived in their communities for decades and saw the need to help Wyoming families,” George said. “Our families came together and thought the best way we could make a difference is to donate to the First Lady’s Wyoming Hunger Initiative.”

“Hopefully, this donation will encourage others to give any amount to this wonderful organization,” she said. “We thank the First Lady so much for her work to support Wyoming citizens in need.”

“Thank you so much,” Gordon said. “I’m not supposed to cry before 9 o’clock.”

“I am beyond grateful. We have launched this initiative because we really wanted to work on hunger in Wyoming not knowing that we would end of in the situation we are in now.

“We are so grateful for folks like you who see there is a need and step into that void because it is going to take all of us,” she said.

The 11-minute ceremony allowed owners of vending companies to interact with First Lady Gordon. The video to today’s videoconference is available here.


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