Meet the Operators: Ryan Julson from JulBox Amusement in Greybull, Wyoming

Guy Cameron: 2020 has been a rough year for bars and restaurants across the state of Wyoming and the revenues generated from Cowboy Skill games have kept many of these small businesses alive.

Let’s meet Ryan Julson of Julson Enterprises from Greybull, Wyoming.

Ryan Julson: My name is Ryan Julson I’m the owner/operator of Julbox Amusement

Julbox Amusement is based out of Basin, Wyoming and we service the Bighorn Basin.

We offer ATMs, dart machines, coin pushers, pool tables, and Cowboy Skill machines. We cover the whole Bighorn Basin.

We go from Worland, Tensleep, Basin, Greybull, Powell, Lovell, Cody, and Byron.

My Dad actually started this business back in the 80s.

He had been doing this for about 30 years when I came back to join him about 11 years ago.

When he’s in the area he’s still helps out.  He goes around with me and works on stuff. He enjoys it.

The Cowboy Skill machines are a great benefit to many different businesses throughout the state.

It’s not just one or two businesses that are benefiting from it. It’s hundreds that are benefitting from skill machines, all over the state.

At a time like this, it has helped a lot of businesses get through this hard time that we’ve been in.

We’re local, we love Wyoming.

And you know, Cowboy Skill games are just another thing that we can offer our customers to benefit them.

As a group we’ve done a number of things to give back to our communities, such as buying a van for a family that had theirs stolen, in the Sheridan area.

We donated to the fire departments that were fighting wildfires down in southern Wyoming.

We hosted first responders in Casper at some events there, first responders to show the appreciation.

That’s as a group and as individuals, you know, we also do our own things to help out.