In the face of adversity and tragedy, there are individuals who demonstrate extraordinary courage and resilience, becoming a beacon of hope for their communities. One such story is that of Tiffany Gruetzmacher and her late colleague Tyeler Harris, two dedicated Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) from Rawlins. Their lives changed forever when a devastating accident took place, a semi-truck collided with their ambulance, leaving one of them with a harrowing survival tale and the other, sadly, losing his life.

The Tragic Accident

While responding to an emergency call during one of Wyoming’s worst winter storms, Tiffany Gruetzmacher and Tyeler Harris bravely departed to help someone in need. As they approached the scene, a tragic collision with a semi-truck resulted in a catastrophic accident, shattering the lives of all those involved and sending shockwaves through their community.

Tiffany’s Story of Survival

Amidst the wreckage and chaos, Tiffany Gruetzmacher showed remarkable resilience and determination. Despite sustaining severe injuries, she fought bravely for her life. Her strength and will to survive are a testament to her dedication to the people she served. Tiffany’s story of survival inspired an outpouring of support from her community in Rawlins, which rallied around her as she began her arduous journey toward recovery.

Honoring the Memory of Tyeler Harris

Tragically, the accident claimed the life of her partner Tyeler Harris, who died in the line of duty. Tyeler was known for his infectious smile, unwavering commitment to his job, and his genuine compassion for others. His passing left a hole in the lives of his wife, his two sons, and so many in his community who are devastated by this event.

The Community’s Response

Understanding the monumental emotional and financial burden both Gruetzmacher and Harris’ surviving family were facing, an outpouring of love and generosity prompted the establishment of separate GoFundMe campaigns. The GoFundMe account set up for Harris’ widow and his sons, has raised over $90,500 and a local hospital has also set up a Tyeler Harris Memorial Scholarship in his name. Tiffany’s GoFundMe has raised over $32,850. These donations came not only from the Rawlins community but from all around the country and even the world.


The story of Tiffany Gruetzmacher and Tyeler Harris captures the profound impact that tragedy, and more importantly resilience, can have on a community. Tiffany’s courage to survive and Tyeler’s legacy as a passionate EMT has touched the hearts of countless individuals, unifying them in support.

“I didn’t want to have to experience all of this, but I don’t regret that I did,” said Gruetzmacher. “Everyone has been wonderful, and it means the world.”

As we remember Tyeler Harris and honor Tiffany Gruetzmacher’s bravery during Cheyenne Frontier Days, let us never forget the sacrifices made by our everyday heroes.