Pace-O-Matic, along with Cowboy Skill of Wyoming, is proud to support the 125th anniversary of Cheyenne Frontier Days as a top-level platinum sponsor.

Pace-O-Matic is the national leader in the skill gaming industry, providing state-of-the-art, top-earning, entertaining games of skill. With a commitment to compliance, customer service, and customer loyalty, our focus remains on innovation, supporting small businesses, and giving back to the communities in which we operate.

Pace-O-Matic operates in over 20 states, working closely with local distributors and operators who live, work, and know their communities best. Cowboy Skill is Pace-O-Matic’s partner in Wyoming, working to bring entertainment and revenue to the Cowboy State.

Cowboy Skill is made up of Wyoming-owned amusement and vending companies which distribute our Pace-O-Matic skill games to bars, restaurants, and fraternal organizations. We bring the revenue to our local businesses and the fun to our customers.

Our members are proud Wyoming families who have been in the amusement and vending business in the state of Wyoming for decades.

Last year, Cowboy Skill games generated millions of dollars in tax revenue for counties, towns, and Wyoming’s education fund. This is a particular point of pride for our members who live here in Wyoming, raise their families in Wyoming, and send their children to Wyoming schools.

Cowboy Skill actively donates to charities across the state. In 2020, our organization supported Wyoming First Lady Jennie Gordon’s Wyoming Hunter Initiative to help feed Wyoming families, honored Wyoming first responders, and donated to volunteer fire departments across the state.

Our proudest moment was when numerous bars, restaurants, and fraternal organizations told us that without Cowboy Skill games, these Wyoming-based businesses wouldn’t have survived the economic downtown that resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are honored to be a part of this wonderful Wyoming tradition. Thank you, Cheyenne Frontier Days!