Guy Cameron: 2020 has been a rough year on bars and restaurants across the state of Wyoming. And the revenues generated from Cowboy Skill games have kept many of these small businesses a lot. Let’s meet Nic and Leslie George who own Wyoming Amusement Inc. from Sheridan, Wyoming.

Leslie George: My name is Leslie George, I am co-owner of Wyoming Amusement Inc. We are based in the northeastern area of Wyoming. Our home office is located in Sheridan. It’s a family business for my husband and me.

Nic George: My dad started Wyoming Amusement in 1992. Our company offers pool tables, dart boards, ATMs, video games, and Cowboys Skill games.

Leslie George: My average day after getting the kids off to school is trying to organize all of our staff so that our wheels are all turning in the same direction. 

Leslie George: Maybe it’s an event, we’re setting up tournament tables for a pool tournament, or someone’s going to be bringing in a live band at their establishment and we’re helping to promote that event. 

Nic George: Our equipment is mostly in bars and clubs. So their concern right now is just that we get to continue having skill games. T

Nic George: This has been especially with COVID. It’s been a lifeline for a lot of the businesses. 

Travis Sutton: My father bought this place. We just celebrated our 27th year.

Travis Sutton: When when these things come out of nowhere, like COVID did. I think my sales dropped to 10%. Luckily, I was well enough ahead of things due to the Cowboy Skill games you see behind me here that I had enough in the bank to keep myself afloat. 

Travis Sutton: There are restaurants up and down this street that never opened up again. It was and it is still scary because we still don’t know what’s going to happen. 

Travis Sutton: The games helped me on the on the front end of it so I was able to pay and keep current all my bills. It’s been a life changer as a business owner, really it has.

Leslie George: We’ve given back in a number of ways. You know at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to help the First Lady’s Hunger Initiative.

Leslie George: We sponsored a first responder’s event at The Office in Casper to say thank you.

Leslie George: We all chipped in to help the  volunteer fire departments who worked tirelessly to battle the Mullen Fire in southeastern Wyoming. 

Leslie George: And near and dear to my heart, we helped a family right here in Sheridan, who had such a traumatic experience in Denver. They were getting medical care for one of their twins and their van was stolen from the hotel. 

Leslie George: So the Cowboy Skill operators gathered together and we presented the family with a replacement van. 

Leslie George: We live here in Wyoming and we contribute back to our community and we don’t look at Wyoming as a market. It’s our home.