Guy Cameron: 2020 has been a rough year on bars and restaurants across the state of Wyoming. And the revenues generated from Cowboy Skill games have kept many of these small businesses alive. Let’s meet the Jenkins family who owns Jenkins, Music and Vending of Wyoming from Rock Springs.

Bobby Jenkins: I’m Bobby Jenkins, co owner of Jenkins Music and Vending. I’m partners with two of my brothers Lee and Pat Jenkins. We cover most of southwest Wyoming starting over in Evanston in the valley, up through Kemmerer and Pinedale over through Dubois into Jackson and the Thermopolis area, down through Lander and Riverton and we are home-based in Rock Springs.

Pat Jenkins: My name is Pat Jenkins. I’m the president of Jenkins Music and Vending. We’re from Wyoming. We’ve been in Wyoming our whole lives. We’ve been in business since 1969.

Bobby Jenkins: My father had a 7th grade education. He was a bartender and worked his way up. He saw this vending company…

Pat Jenkins: My Dad bought Don Chipp’s Music and Vending.

Bobby Jenkins: He worked his butt off his entire life, you know. That’s truly what he loved to do — work.

Pat Jenkins: When I got out of college in 1983, I came to work for my dad. Then my brother Lee came to work. And my brother Bobby was the youngest. When he got out of high school, he came up here and went to work. And eventually the three of us bought him out.

Bobby Jenkins: Our favorite thing truly is the friends that we have and the community aspect of the bars. We are so lucky in Wyoming to still have traditional-style bars. 

Bobby Jenkins: I just walked into the Eagle Bar In Labarge. What Cowboy Skill games have done for her is unbelievable. 

Bobby Jenkins: She would probably cry. It’s helped her stay open. The oilfield is gone. I walk in and the bar owner and there’s four or five of them playing the game laughing and cheering. The game takes a long time to play. It’s fun and interactive.

Pat Jenkins: It’s just good. clean fun is what it is.

Pat Jenkins: All the operators in the Cowboy Skill group —  they believe in Wyoming. 

Pat Jenkins: We supported the volunteer firefighters who battled the Mullen Fire in southeastern Wyoming. We gave back to them. 

Pat Jenkins: The Sheridan family who had the disabled child —  their vehicle was stolen. Cowboy Skills jumped in there and we got them a new van. And we’ll do this type of thing forever. It’s not just a one time deal.

Bobby Jenkins: These stories, they touch us as much as Wyoming and that’s what we are about. And we love that. You know it just makes us proud. 

Bobby Jenkins: Just bar locations alone as a company we’re servicing just under 100. And out of those 100, they employ nearly 1000 people in Wyoming.

Pat Jenkins: We are from Wyoming. We are Wyoming. We’re born and raised here. We’ll be here for the next 100 years. We didn’t buy this shirt when we crossed the state line coming into Wyoming. We are Wyoming.