As a Native Wyomingnite and former State Senator, I’m well aware of the boom and bust economy that we experience here in the Cowboy State.

I know firsthand, our elected officials care deeply about Wyoming’s residents and I applaud the Wyoming legislative who work tirelessly dealing with a variety of significant issues that face our state.

When I retired as the Director of the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, Cowboy Skill of Wyoming reached out to me to see if I would like to join their team as a State Compliance Director. The job description was straight forward, providing quality entertainment to those who love a challenge, assist small business and charitable organization interests, grow job opportunities and strengthen communities across Wyoming.

Let me explain:

Cowboy Skill is an organization comprised of Wyoming families who own vending machine companies across the state.

These vending companies have been in Wyoming for decades. Whether they be the Jenkins brothers in Rock Springs, the George’s in Sheridan or the Waylanders in Casper. These families have built strong reputable business relationships in their communities that continues today.

These companies asked the former Attorney General for the State of Wyoming Gay Woodhouse to look into the matter. She looked at the statues and recommended The Cowboy Skill Games be tested by an independent national compliance testing laboratory.

The result: The games manufactured by Pace-O-Matic — under Wyoming statue — fully complied with our state laws. These are in fact skill games — not chance. A player has the opportunity to win every single time.

The independent report found that these games are not gambling devices — where winning is pressing a button and leaving it up to chance. With Cowboy Skill Games, you must interact with the game, and as you play you learn and the ability to win increases. In fact, a player can win every single time.

Pace-O-Matic instills a strict Code of Conduct on all its Operators who provide Cowboy Skill Games and Location Owners that carry the games. The Code of Conduct ensures the skill games comply with all applicable statues, laws, rules, regulations, licenses and authorizations of any governmental body,

These companies checked the laws first. They checked to make sure the games were compliant. Agreements with Operators and Location Owners stipulate that no more than five games can be at one location. They don’t allow anyone under 18 years of age to play the games. Every game must be licensed. They are in favor of state regulation.

They want to contribute to state and local tax bases. In every state they’re located, Pace-O-Matic hire Compliance Directors — like me — to work directly with Law Enforcement to ensure that everything is above board.

Further, and this is an important point. The money stays in Wyoming. Profits are shared equally with the local establishments after payment of the software license and any potential taxes. The profits stay in communities and provide a significant boost to hometown businesses.

All of this is what makes Pace-O-Matic and Cowboy Skill Games so entirely different than any other game out there.

We may not be able to fix the boom-and-bust cycle of Wyoming’s economy immediately but these games are helping to breath new life into neighborhood bars, taverns, clubs, VFW’s, American Legions and other fraternal organizations across Wyoming.

The profits netted from these entertainment games serve as an important lifeline to these small businesses and non-profits — allowing them to continue to serve their communities and employ hard working Wyomingnites.

I’m proud to be a part of the Cowboy Skill Games Team and I welcome any questions the public may have about our organization or about our games. Please reach out if you have questions: